Commending the Owls of 2016.

In college, I got by through creating lists. I’d like to start off by thanking a list of those that helped me get here – first off, I’d like to thank whomever invented google docs, no group project would have ever been feasible without you. To the “owl-loop” drivers who took me to my off-campus apartment when I spent one to many hours at “club tech” and didn’t feel like walking home, my poor back that lugged a 15-inch laptop (and on occasion a textbook)…thank you. To the professors – who sometimes believed in me more than I believed in myself and provided me with the resources to intern and do service projects that seemed impossible at that moment in time and my parents, for always supporting me (even when my communication skills weren’t the best because I was too preoccupied trying to get the most of out of my four years here), thank you. And most of all – all of the class of 2016.

Through my tenure at Temple, I was challenged and inspired by my peers, professors, Philadelphia, and the institution as a whole.

Like many of you, when I committed to Temple, there wasn’t a 27-story residence hall on-campus, a recent visit from president Obama, and we were most definitely not known as a football school. Some of your friends went to institutions on hills or in valleys, which had this old-age glamour and were known for being the paragon of academic and future career success; they questioned you and your decision, but you knew better. Others grew-up in near-by neighborhoods or came back after some absence from the classroom. Things may have not always been on your side, but your perseverance persisted and you knew that you too could do better. The reasons you chose Temple were unique to you at the time of your decision, but we all shared a rare uncommon grit that did not basking in the glory of famous alum or Hogwarts like buildings.

Since then you’ve spent the last few years working to better yourself. While at Temple, you witnessed visits from Anderson Cooper, the Mayor of Rome, President Bill Clinton, and the Pope. You got to be part of the energy and stand in the crowds at games for a historic Temple team and experience an unforgettable win against a lesser Pennsylvania school.

Some of you witnessed the classrooms where you had your first Temple class be demolished, as the campus grew and changed dramatically for the good before your eyes. As admissions numbers skyrocketed and you watched Temple grow you didn’t just stand by. You influenced change in the local community, contributed award winning ideas to national competitions, held internships with prestigious companies and nonprofits, and worked to be able to offset the cost of attending school – all the while taking class.

While it’s undeniable that Temple has grown exponentially over the last few years, most importantly so did you.The grit found on this campus took you to new cities, local communities, and countries around the world. Together we redefined and embraced the meaning of grit as we helped propel Temple in its takeoff. We never let others or our past define us.

There was a company or two, that along the way wanted me to work for no pay. While money isn’t the end all be all, at the time I thought I needed to prove myself to the industry. I now know and realize my worth because of my time at Temple. I’m telling you this now because I want you too to realize that your education was meaningful and most importantly so was your journey. Late nights spent studying because of work and internships during the day reflected your uncommon drive. Connections made in the classroom have opened your eyes to new views and have created a long lasting network of people on your side.

Validation of your personal value is found in both your unique experiences and the degree which you left the Liacouras center with two-weeks ago, today. Not only does the name on the piece of paper that you will be receiving (approx. three months from today) hold incredible value, but you as a person have an incredible amount of worth. Every moment led up to Temple. You made the experiences. You found your worth.


#TempleMade Me,



Featured Image – Photo Credit: Emily Dubin, Temple ’18


Stages of Experiencing a Snowstorm as a College Student

The fourth largest media market in the United States got its fourth-largest snowfall ever this semester. In the days leading up to the historic storm for the historic city, there was a lot of hype on-campus about what to expect. Now a senior, I’m a seasoned owl and have experienced my fair share of “snow days”. When not studying, often I have used them as an opportunity to get closer to my roommates and friends through participating in a variety of owl-tivities.

Here’s my experiences of the stages of a snowstorm as a student:

Following the long lines for bread and milk at the campus grocer, students turn their jammies inside-out leading up to the anticipated snowfall. After anxiously checking weather apps and twitter for updates – we’re finally notified… The first flurries have arrived!


Layers on layers.

Rookie mistake is to not dress appropriately. Get your winter gear ready. Clear out the outerwear at the bookstore and grab Temple’s new Victoria’s Secret PINK collegiate collection, because it’s about to get cold up in here. Before you can say “brr” make sure that you are ready to layer up.

Avoid the arctic winds in between buildings at all cost. Wear multiple pairs of socks and gloves. We’d only judge if you don’t.


If the Wi-Fi can’t handle all of the Netflix…

Be ready to have alternative plans while snowed in. Adult coloring books are all the rage. Yes, seriously! I made one of our mascot (the owl) and it may have been one of the most stress relieving things that I have ever done.

Also, baking is always a fun way to spend your free time. Besides, who doesn’t love food?!

So when you’re stuck like this:


But IT means this MUCH to you:

wifi heirarchy

Yes this is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. [No I’m not a psychology major.]

Then do this:


I obviously get very bored when confined indoors.


Food prep.

If you don’t live in Morgan Hall or J&H, and don’t have the luxury of travelling downstairs for breakfast-lunch-AND-dinner WHILE never leaving the comfort of your home, then make sure to create a stockpile of snacks to last the duration of the storm.

Since we’re in a city, something that you can take advantage of is delivery *of every type of food outside of pizza*. Not that we don’t love pizza, just sometimes you need some variety in your life.


Grubhub and dining in will become your best friend. Right on-campus we also have access to quick delivery from Insomnia Cookies and Jimmy Johns!


If You Can’t Color Inside the Lines

Cuddle up for a Philly themed classic, like Rocky. Temple students can rent the series for free by heading over to our media library. Why break the empty bank? Save your money from a subscription to netflix for Starbuck and rent all five of the Rocky series OR whatever makes you happy for your favorite price…FREE.


Appreciate the Rocky steps from indoors in the comfort of your twin-size bed.


Be Wondered by the Winter Wonderland.

There’s nothing quite like admiring the city after the snow. Whether it be from the warmth of the 27 story Morgan Hall or on America’s oldest and most historic street. Cobblestone buildings and row houses look like icing topped gingerbread homes. Make time to enjoy it.

There’s few things that I love more than seeing campus covered in a blanket of snow. Who wouldn’t like seeing our cherry flags covered in white?! #schoolcolorpride


Embrace your Inner Kid Again.

Ever worry that there’d be no place to sleigh if you lived in the city? Fear not! The art museum steps are an iconic place to spend your time sledding in the city.

Create a makeshift sled using the top lid of your under-the-bed storage box. Pictured below are friends of friends who made the trip:

Our generation loves to document everything. #snow #streetphotography

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Build a Snowl.

College is about creativity. So, why make a basic snowman when you can bring your mascot to life? Keeping with the tradition that we started two years ago…to win a few diamond dollars for a work contest:


We decided to bring the “snowl”, (snow owl), back.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a… SN-OWL! ☃#TempleMade thanks for the photo @lindseycasella

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There you have it! The stages of experiencing a snowstorm as a college student.

I could not think of a  better way to end the second-week of my second-semester [of senior year] than to be snowed-in with other owls.


Hot cocoa in hand,




Beginning of the End + Advice for Beginners

With a mandatory “graduation check” scheduled, the truth that May 2016 is right around the corner has been reconfirmed. Not sure when I became so old, but September brings some very sad and unnerving news:

I’m a senior in college.

As evident by the photo above, aside of the change in glasses and hairstyles, not much has PHYSICALLY changed since my freshman year, here at Temple.

It has become increasingly hard to remember the time when I first walked around this campus, yet I’m forever grateful for embracing those feelings and this place. Who knew that the initial sparks of fear and excitement pulsing through me during a campus tour would lead to this magical college career? This throwback also reminds me of the internal transformation that I have made throughout the last three years. I can’t help but reflect on how far that I’ve come in terms of academic, social, and professional performance.

As a result of the amazing people and resources available at Temple, I have far exceeded my goals that I set prior to starting school. Then, I was just a bright-eyed 18 year-old going to a new school in an unfamiliar city. Now a senior, having completed internships with Verizon, Keds, Anthropologie, and Victoria Secret’s PINK and have incredible friendships – I’m honestly excited to be about a year away from embarking new beginnings with experience under my belt and a squad of support.

Here’s 7 tips that I’ve learned and while sometimes might seem obvious, are totally worth sharing:

  1. Fine tune your skills – Fortunately for me and my peers, Temple has a campus career services which helps create lifelong career success by developing a job search action plan, identify networking contacts, learn important job search skills such as business dinner etiquette, and significantly improving your resume and cover letter.Mashable-resume-1024x814
  2. Network, network, network – Whether it be participating in campus life or attending events at the University and in the area, it’s more important than ever to get immersed in new groups and organizations. Something that I have always benefited through is having a support group made of the 308,000+ members of Temple’s alumni. With 1 in 7 professionals in the Philadelphia area being a Temple grad has always helped as common ground for walking in an interviewer. If your employer wasn’t a Temple grad, odds were they worked with one! Also, networking nights aren’t just about sitting in a corner and eating the free food, by taking advantage of them you can position yourself for internship opportunities and post undergraduate employment.3geGI5n (1)
  3. Meet with your professors  – Get to know at least one professor reasonably well each semester. Professors will ask you about your plan of study, your goals, your outside activities. They genuinely care about you as a human being and will not only be resources that you can go to for advice, but those who could be a future reference.anigif_original-grid-image-14260-1385575593-35
  4. Never too late [or early] to ask for extra help – Have too much pride to admit to academic troubles? First hand I feel your pain. Your savior will be your professor’s office hours and using the study resources on campus. Another fun idea: form study groups.Screen shot 2011-07-17 at 3.09.04 PM
  5. Savor your friendships – Treasure the moments when you’re all hanging out in sweatpants watching a netflix with friends that either live with you or live literally down the street from you. They have nothing to do other than spend time with you [and write a paper or two… but, like, who’s counting?] In your college years you will make some lifelong friendships and it is important to make time to enjoy them.Friends
  6. Get organized – The time management skills that I acquired throughout school are being tested now more than ever. Not only am I balancing a full course load with extracurricular activities and work but getting ready to make time for job interviews and applications for graduate school. E-calendars and planners will be your lifeline and feel as important as a first child, so invest time in them!                                                               tumblr_nv3hjmTaeN1u2gfevo1_500
  7. Seek a balance – College life is a mixture of social and academic happenings. For those in Philly – explore the city, visit museums, and grab meals at a dining hall / embrace not having to cook. After trying a cheese steak or two and a Wawa, take advantage of a free fitness class with them and become involved in passion projects or clubs you were interested in but never thought to try!


You’re becoming the person you want to be. Immerse yourself in your college experience and it won’t feel like senior year  sneaked up because you’ll be too busy owning every second of it. By taking advantage of the experience you will feel more prepared than ever before. Thanks to the opportunities that I’ve had here at Temple, I can honestly say the same. 🙂

Happy back to school,


9 Tips for Interns [Spoiler Alert: Weren’t Taught in College]

Let’s be honest, the thought of having an internship can be scary. However, when it’s done right, an internship can be a life altering experience. Recently I shared with Verizon nine tips that I’ve learned from my experience interning.

When you like your internship so much that you fan girl every time you see something related to it...

[When you like your internship so much that you fan girl every time you see something related to it…]

In my post I mention:

While interning, you become well-versed in office lingo and better prepared for life in the real world. Most students assume that the sole responsibility of an intern is fetching coffee, but they’re wrong.

Intern hopefuls everywhere, I recommend you check out these helpful hints as you anticipate transitioning into the workforce.

For the full post on the Verizon website, click here.

Wishing much luck your way,


[PS – for more answers to untaught or unanswered questions feel free to comment below!]

Rubber Ducky, You’re the One

If you haven’t previously met my best friend and reason for remaining sane over the last two years of my life, then now’s the time to meet Thomas Anthony Montalbano:

Totally candid...

[Totally candid…]

Thomas has a heart of gold, a personality made up of 110% sunshine, an acceptance for my love for Taylor Swift like no other, and an admirable work ethic that constantly makes me question my own. He also shares my weird appreciation for all things vintage and going on “adventures” when our schedule permits.

So obviously when the opportunity to check out the world’s largest duck made itself available to us, we could not refuse. Thomas booked tickets and I planned for the long haul across the Garden State back to Philly. Despite not being in the same city this summer and being separated for the first time since sophomore year we’ve managed to get by during the week with a little help of Facetime, Snapchat, and a mutual longing for meet-ups.

We anxiously awaited the weekend for the event…Days passed and then, FINALLY the date finally came! Together, we were reunited and ready to head out to the Delaware River Front [about fifteen minutes from Temple] to witness a boat show passing by and the rumored 62-foot duck.

Well, long story short – the duck didn’t quite make it through the weekend [it popped] and people were way excited about these boats…the lines went for days. So following our search mission turned dry, we decided to make do by taking photos with the poser land ducky that we found. Honestly, I was equally impressed by the ten foot replacement that was still much larger than your average bath toy.

IMG_0308 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Duck faces aside, we proceeded to enjoy the harbor area and consumed our upset feelings for the deflated duck by snagging a Rootbeer float from the Franklin Fountain stand. We then ended the night by hitting up the shops in the Rittenhouse area and munching on dinner at the Dandelion. For those in the area that haven’t been, I’m not one for fancy food but this place is happier and better than Disney World. Pretty sure every member of the staff welcomed us and as for the food, well I’ve never quite had such flavorful everything.

Total stud muffin.

Total stud muffin.

Hooray to childhood fun and every adventure that awaits with this guy when I return for what’s left of the summer prior to the senior year of college.

For now  – no matter the distance of the long drives, here’s to living for the short weekends spent together,


Forget First Week Jitters

The first day of anything is bound to be overwhelming. Yet the process at Verizon is seamless and stress-free due to a phenomenal onboarding process. Onboarding, the buzz word of the moment, is important and integral in aiding new hires with becoming familiar with the expectations for their performance and the culture of the company. More importantly, onboarding is the company’s chance to leave a positive first impression on the new employee / intern and serves to excite the new hire about their role and the company.

Have you ever seen someone so happy to work?

Have you ever seen someone so happy to work?

Although I can’t share all of the juicy details of my experience, here’s a day-by-day breakdown of my first week at Verizon:


Prior to starting, Verizon was welcoming interns like me, [who were over 50 miles away], with welcoming arms. Complimentary student housing at a nearby university [which makes for an easy summer commute] to a pizza party [via a brick over food truck] led to immediate connections, convenience, fullness, and happiness. Instantly the sixty interns or so in the Verizon-supplied residency had made friendships. From choosing our first day looks together to enjoying each other’s company, it was nice to know that you were most definitely not alone in the experience.

No sharing necessary - each intern got their own pie!

No sharing necessary – each intern got his/her own pie!


Today was the day we had all been waiting for…start day! Forget any worries involving parking and commuting, Verizon provides those staying in the housing with a direct shuttle to their headquarters in their Basking Ridge office. Once welcomed and greeted by some of the team, we proceeded with orientation. Orientation helped us new hires become familiar with the culture, creedo, and expectations of Verizon employees. Prepared training materials and literature put my mind at ease and the complimentary snacks and breakfast settled my stomach. As a new hire, nothing compares to the relief of a well-planned first day.

Everything is branded and I love it.

Everything is branded and I love it. [side note: the cafeteria at their Basking Ridge office = amazing!!!]

In addition to the orientation in the morning, thanks to Verizon I also was able to head to New York City  and be in attendance at the ADVERTSING Club of NYC’s kick-off event for interns participating in their summer seminar series. The event involved meeting other interns, more food, and industry professionals from big named agencies and companies, like Tumblr and BBDO!

Busy day, but one that I won't forget. The haze is only in the sky from this shot of the Empire State building on my way home.

Busy day, but one that I won’t forget. The only haze is in the sky from this shot of the Empire State building that I took while on my way home.


There was a never a feeling of being uncertain or lost, Verizon’s human-resources management team did a great job of being there to help us interns every step of the way. Email reminders and a smiling army of support helped us navigate laptop distribution and first meetings with our supervisors for the summer. After a few hours of settling in with our individual teams and setting up our equipment, all interns met for a kick-off event. The 150 interns from local offices and the other 500 interns from around the country were able to come together for this truly one-of-a-kind ceremony, thanks to technology.

Activities for the ceremony included hearing from past interns that are now full-time employees, a mid-workout session led by one of the office’s coaches, and then hearing from Diego Scotti [new CMO at Verizon] and his plans for the brand. *dies a little inside, because his strategy is pure perfection* The company went even further to provide us with branded selfie sticks so we could document the fun.

Verizon’s onboarding process is comparable in many ways to that of the coveted tech-savvy intern experience in 2013’s “The Internship”, but even better because selfie sticks > helicopter hats.


Our freebies over theirs…




Now that I had the opportunity to become more acquainted with the expectations of interns during the first few days, I spent the majority of Wednesday familiarizing myself with the brand’s current products, campaigns, promotions, and their competitors.

Oh and maybe some time to get used to my new space. :-)

Oh and maybe some time to get used to my new space. 🙂


There’s not much I recall about this blur of a day except that there is this weekly blessing called ‘Jam sessions’. Here I thought that my internship was perfect and then I found out they dedicate a portion of a day, every week to free food…and then they became the definition of perfect? Apparently, every Thursday there is an event held outside of the cafeteria called a jam session which involved music and tasty treats. [See below.]

I hit all the major of the food groups, obviously.

I hit all the major of the food groups, obviously.


Everyone here is so friendly. The openness of the staff and strangers continues to surpass all expectations and previous notions of “corporate America”. After a quick break for a manager in my department’s baby shower, my afternoon involved back-to-back meetings.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Despite having been in the office for less than a week, I already am being included and treated like a part of the team. From day one, I have been inspired by the energy and unique perspective of the interns and employees in our office. I love the inclusivity and willingness to learn and achieve displayed at every level.

#FirstWeekAtWork = Complete!

#FirstWeekAtWork = Complete! [Here is a selfie to prove it.]

Stay updated on all of my adventures at Verizon NYC by coming back to Part-time Philadelphian for a weekly recap!

Can’t wait to continue to share,


Who Runs the World? Grrrls.

I never really thought of myself as a feminist because of a combination of my love for chivalry and my obsession for all things ‘girly’ like dresses and purses. Yet, here I am admitting that the last twenty-one years I have been living a lie. Like many girls who think they hate feminism, but actually don’t – I lived in denial about my feminist ways because I was ill-informed of the true meaning of the cause.

That was until I was able to represent Temple University and be in attendance of America’s premier conference for college women, the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders [NCCWSL]. The conference held from May 28th to 30th at the University of Maryland, College Park aimed at providing women with the confidence and skills to change the world.

After a few days away at the AAUW and NASPA’s NCCWSL conference, I’ve disregarded the negative connotation of the ‘f’ word and embraced the label as a lifestyle and way of being. From presentations and workshops tailored to women and their day-to-day needs and rights, to attending a celebration of the Women of Distinction and hearing from females who’ve broken barriers in their individual fields and lives – the conference has redefined my perception of women in the world. Now more than ever, I am confident and comfortable with my ability to empower myself and those around me.

Having just kicked-off the summer prior to my senior year, the conference proved to also be extremely relevant with workshops aimed at preparing for life after college. In fact, there was even a designated time to meet with graduate schools and employers. [Hello, NYU! 😉 *hint, hint*]

Through touring D.C. and networking events, there was a significant amount of time for creating lifelong friendships. NCCWSL helped me get to know other leaders from my school better and make new connections that will last past the two-days spent in MD. The conference has expanded my network and has built upon my education of women and those that identify to the gender.  One of the women of a TED Talk, told the 1,000 attendees, “But I realized at a certain point that the woman I wanted to be would be the woman I had to become”. This struck a chord for me; as I try to make my way in what’s traditionally known for being an all boy’s club [cue Don Draper] known for over sexualizing women and as I surround myself with female friends of mine that are pursuing STEM. NCCWSL 2015 was unforgettable and I was so happy to be able to be a part.

Don’t just show-up, make history,


[For more information about NCCWSL and it’s partners, click here + check this out! It was honestly one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had + I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.]

Hear Me Now? Good.

If your plans for the summer involve fetching coffee and making copies, then you’re doing it wrong. That ‘it’ is summer, of course! While it’s admittedly not unusual to do grunt work while working at entry–level and intern positions [believe me…been there, done that] my experience of interning since my sophomore year has proven to me that this doesn’t always need to be the case. In fact, my experiences have taught me the importance of knowing your value, about this little thing called self-worth, and how you should never settle. [Whether buying your wireless plan or choosing where you invest your time for the summer. 😉 ]

A huge misconception is that interns are the only ones who takeaway anything from an internship or co-op. The truth is that companies benefit from student interns too. Internships offer students a snapshot of the “real world” but also provide the organization with opportunities for fresh ideas and cost-effective recruiting. What better way to find a good fit and hard-working employee for a job opening than by giving students a temp position for size?! Weirdly enough, I often compare having an internship to trying on a new pair of shoes. Similar to shoes, there are many different styles and options to choose from. What’s nice about a fresh pair of sneakers or stilettos *cough internship* is prior to going all in and investing your time/money, you get to try them out, see if you’re comfortable with the fit, and if you don’t – no hard feelings, move on to the next one. For me personally, I enjoy being able to learn new skills and diversify my experiences by holding positions in different realms. Over the last few years, I’ve held roles with high education and fashion focused organizations. This summer I wanted to continue to branch out by becoming involved in the tech market.

As some of you may know, this led to a summer internship with the sixth largest advertiser and telecom giant, Verizon.  A few months back, I had learned that I would be spending the entirety of my summer with Fortune’s 16th [now 15th] Top 100 company and for obvious reasons I was ecstatic. My day-to-day duties will be fulfilled at Verizon’s Headquarters in Basking Ridge, NJ and in their NYC office [on occasion] as a marketing intern! In addition, I was also accepted to The ADVERTISING Club of New York’s summer enhancement program, which connects a select group of undergraduates from across the country to top professionals in the industry in New York. In coordination with this program, I will be participating in the ADVERTISING Club’s weekly intern ‘lunch and learn seminars’ which highlight a variety of companies and career opportunities in the area.

I am anxious and excited to be able to work with a company that is responsible for one of the most notorious and nostalgic commercials from my childhood, Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?”.  Ironically enough, during an agency crawl in NYC a few years ago for Temple University’s Ad Club I had become re-familiarized with the campaign when a member of the senior leadership of GREY Global [and Temple alum] shared that he had coined the phrase for the unforgettable campaign. Fast forward to now, it’s funny for me to think that another owl would lead me to the internship position. It was an email from a professor about the ADVERTISING Club of NY’s summer intern application would ultimately lead to an internship at the number one network and industry leader, Verizon.


Here’s to being bold + taking risks [all the while knowing your worth],


“Welcome to New York” [Owl Version]

A little precursor to this post was my last. To catch you up to speed in case you missed it, Temple’s mens basketball team moved onto the final four of the National Invitation Tournament. To add to the honor of being one game from the championship, the NCAA hosts the NIT semifinals in New York City at the Madison Square Garden. Just the thought of having an excuse to be NYC bound had me packing for the next bus to the game.

Before my two best friends confirmed, I already had bought us bus tickets from Philly to the Garden. [If you were wondering what all the hype about going to New York to watch Temple play at Madison Square Garden, then read this sentence again.] How many people can honestly say that they had the opportunity to watch their college basketball team play at MSG? An arena that some only dream of playing! Oh, and home of the NY Knicks.

With game day tickets free and round trip expenses just a little over ten dollars meant that the cost of watching would not break the bank. Each of my friends and I would be able to go there, watch the game, and come back for about twelve dollars. This deal was unheard of; especially in a day and age where you can’t see a movie and get a buttered popcorn for that price! For obvious reasons – we were very ready/excited for the big day.

Once game day rolled around, we dressed from hood to toe in Temple colored apparel. Having left for New York mid-day gave us downtime in the city prior to the start of the semi-final game. We enjoyed some authentic cheesy pizza slices and sipped on drinks as we walked through the crowded streets. While Philly is the fifth most-populous city in the country, NY is the largest. Thus it was no surprise that the additional people come with the title.

After making our way to the stadium, we were pleasantly surprised to find a large lit sign positioned outside MSG, featuring Temple! As you might’ve imagined, we proceeded to take a few pictures of the impressive display before heading in doors. After pick-up our complementary student tickets at the box office, we were shocked to find ourselves seats right behind the net and on the floor. AH, THANKS TEMPLE! With the marching band to our left, and our team a few benches to the right, there are few memories that make me more proud to be an owl than that night in the student section.

Here I was, with my best-friends, sitting practically court-side on what is billed the “most famous arena of the world”. Regardless the results, the experience was unlike anything that I had previously.  There’s noting heartbreaking about a game’s ending, when you have the pride that I had for the journey that our team had made.
As an owl – this was just another reminder why our school gives us experiences unlike any other. Forever proud to be Temple Made. [Looking for a good game of Where’s Waldo? Here you go! Find the three amigos!]

Can’t wait to cheer on my school next season.

T for Temple U,


A Match, March Made

I maintain the off-court title for most competitive person that I know and enjoy following my school’s success outside of the classroom. While never good at sports, I’ve mastered the position of spectator. With about 50% of my closet covered in cherry and white, I always come geared in my “uniform” [a Temple tee] and with my game face on. Due to my love for everything Temple I never need an excuse to show school pride and actively enjoy attending any of the division 1 sports teams’ games, when I have the time.

Since my freshman year, I’ve maintained a soft spot for the basketball team. With one of the players a classmate from my high school and the other having been a member of a semester long group project I was in, has made this team one of my favorite to follow. It also reminds me that that these guys are still normal people like you and me. They take classes and go to school…They’re just a lot more athletic and taller, yanno?

In case you were wondering – here’s proof of my ongoing commitment to the team. And yes, this is the longest relationship I’ve probably ever had with anything outside of Taylor Swift:

With their games right on campus, there are few things more convenient [outside of the watching it on ESPN college from the comfort of your laptop in bed] as attending the men’s basketball home games.

Just this past Wednesday, I was able to head to the Liacourus center after work and see their 77-59 win against Louisiana Tech. I look forward to the game this upcoming week and being able to cheer the team on as they play at Madison Square Garden for the NIT semi-finals. [Megabus is booked. NY here we come!]

Crossing my fingers and hoping for an owl-advance to the finals,